July 6, 2009

Another one of those....

I love to look at older pictures and see exactly how much Avery has changed in the short time she has been with us, so here we go with another one:

July 4, 2008......and......July 4, 2009!!

Guess we don't have a baby anymore, we have a little girl!

Jibber Jabber.....ALL THE TIME!!

There was a time several months ago when we (Paul and I) were concerned with Avery's speech..or lack of it. We addressed it with our pediatrician at her 18month visit where he encouraged us to just wait a little while longer. After all, she has already made such huge progress let's just let "nature takes it course" and see if the speech comes too. Between the 18 month and 2 year check-ups she did start to verbalize more. At her 2 year appointment we were given to the "standards" for kids her age and I have to say she still fell way behind on the "normal" vocabs of 250+ words and 3-4 word phrases for a 2 year old. Once again her pediatrician encouraged us to wait, after all she had progressed from the last visit and he really thought she would come in to her language at her own time. Well, once again Dr B. was correct!

At 26 months this girl talks non-stop!!! It's almost as if she woke up one morning and said to herself "I think I am going to talk now!! and hasn't shut up since. She identifies everyone and wants you to help her to identify everything, which she proceeds to repeat several times.

The funniest thing is her manners! I will go ahead and admit while Paul and I encourage good manners we are not drill sergeants on the issue. Our little Avery, on the other hand, is very diligent when it comes to manners. She says please about everything, she thanks you over and over again for giving her something or helping her, she blesses you when you sneeze. It cracks us up because all of these phrases she says not once but approximately 10 time for each incident.

She has also started wanting to talk on the phone. She will hold a conversation with whomever is on the phone but doesn't quite have the concept down that the other person cannot see her nod her head for yes. :)

There are still certain letters she has verbalizing but we have become pretty good at interpretation.

I know I am way behind on pictures and posting but I wanted to record all her progress since I use this blog as my own journal of her growing up.

Happy Monday!!