March 24, 2006

The Story of Rowdy

If you read one of my earlier posts you will notice I stated I was not "an animal" person. I don't know why, I have just never been crazy about animals. I love going to Sea World and watching the shows and see all the "stuff" swim. I have never been and am still not a cat person. We have had one outside dog in our marriage and that was "okay" he stayed outside in the fence and I would wave at him occasionally :) I once fell off a horse so I don't really like them either. My family and friends know about this aversion to animals and often make fun of me but "oh well" everyone has their own quirks. My husband on the other hand loves all animals, he watches "animal planet" so much I could puke. On this particular topic we are very different.

Now that you know this about me, let me tell you a story..........
It all started back in August (after we decided to adopt) we were knee deep in the paperchase and I received a phone call from my dad that went something like this:

Me: "hello"
Dad: "I bought Avery a dog"
Me: "you did what?"
Dad: "I bought Avery a dog"
Me: "it better be stuffed"
Dad: "No it's not. I bought her a REAL dog"
Me: "Are you serious?"
Dad: "Yes, I bought her a dog"
Me: "Put mom on the phone"
Mom: "hello" - with a funny little laugh in her voice
Me: "Is he lying? Did he really buy a dog?"
Mom: "Yes, he is picking it up tomorrow morning"
Me: "why?"
Mom: "You know how he is....He thinks Avery needs a dog"
Let me interject here that at this point we have not had the visit with the social worker, we are still 3 months from being DTC and who knows how long until Avery actually comes home....and she needs a dog now?
Me: "What kind of dog and where is this dog going to live?"
Mom: "let me put dad back on the phone"
I then ask him the same questions
Dad: "It's a cute little yorkie and he's going to live with you of course"
Me: "We will discuss this later"

I then relay this whole conversation to Paul who starts acting like a kid on Christmas morning "We're getting a dog and he's going to live inside!!!!!! When can we go get him?" I gently remind Paul that I am not an animal person and I have never nor was I ever planning to let an animal live inside my house. Paul's response "but he's already paid for it and it is for Avery".

Needless to say with Paul and Dad so excited and Mom boldy saying she's not having a dog in her house I caved. I set the ground rules: I'm not touching it, I'm not feeding it, I'm not cleaning up after it, so there.......

Well, alot changes in 6 months, Rowdy is now "my" dog. He sleeps right next to me, he always comes to me for belly rubs, I feed him bits of my food when I am eating, he licks me all the time (even my face), I even bought him a Christmas outfit.

The morale of the story is even the most cold-hearted, non animal person can be turned to mush if the right dog comes along. He is 8 pounds of energy, personality, and affection.
I love him!!!!!!!!
Now, if I only I knew how to post pictues I'm sure you would fall in love too.
So that's the story of Rowdy.
Happy Friday everyone.


Erin said...

Figure out how to post pictures - I want to see him. He sounds precious! Hugs! Erin

Valerie said...

Hi Robyn,

I am so glad you are posting now too. I was bitten by the Yorkie bug 15 years ago, and we have had four during those years, 2 right now. We consider them our "first" children until Aubriana comes home. Post your pics so we can see! Valerie

Beth said...

I hope you get this! I finally found the story. He is just so precious. Thanks again for checking on me this week after our traumatic dental adventure.

Anonymous said...
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