April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Avery!!!!

Dear Avery,

I can't believe you are already 2 years old! You have brought such joy to mommy and daddy in the last year! You are our greatest treasure! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. We love you more than words can say!!


April 23, 2009

Again.....with the catching up!!

We are currently on our annual family reunion camping trip. Because the grandparents arrived today I am taking the opportunity of being Avery-free to post about our whirlwind weekend last week. Our weekend was PACKED, we started early Friday afternoon and finally slowed down Sunday evening. You know me.....a packed weekend also means tons of pictures.

So here we go:

Friday we started with celebration for Kiesha. Without going into details it was a big day for her and called for a celebration of sorts. We are so proud of her and the changes she has made. She has shown tremendous courage in getting her life together and the fact that she has surpassed a major milestone was cause for celebration. We joined together with her family to have a great dinner to celebrate Kiesha.
Our guest of honor!!

Avery and Mekarlie....is this not the cutest picture of both of them

Me and Kiesha....over 20 years of friendship!

My girl with Kiesha's girls. I just love the fact that Mekenzie and Mekarlie love Avery so much!

Over 20 of Kiesha's family members came for her congratulatory dinner.

Saturday morning our day started very early. Mom and I (along with Avery)were participating in the March of Dimes walk for babies. This meant getting up before dawn, driving an hour, catching the dart rail, getting on a shuttle bus, then walking 5 miles!!

Me, mom, and Avery starting our trek......

and after completing our 5 miles!!

Avery was so excited when one of my co-workers gave her some bubbles after the walk.

Avery's first Dart Rail ride!!

We came home Saturday afternoon and rested for a bit but soon it was on to our next adventure: Kolin's birthday party at the roller skating rink. I have not been on skates in over 15 years but I was willing to give it a try. I guess after walking 5 miles that morning I thought I was invincible. We also had a pair of skates for Avery and decided to let her try it out too.

The birthday boy and his Dallas Mavericks cake made by grandma.

Me and Kelby!!

Here we go...testing out those skating legs.

Paul and Mekenzie taking a break on the wall.

Mekenzie, Paul, and Avery making their way around the rink.

Even Chris got in on the action and took Avery around.

We had a great time and Avery LOVED skating!! She was so upset when we tried to take her off the skating floor. She would start crying and try to drag whomever was near her back on the floor. We will definitely be having to do this again in the near future.

Sunday brought us to our family Easter egg hunt. My mom's distant family always has a giant egg hunt but this year it was postponed a week because of the weather. Avery was once again the recipient of a ton of eggs. She really has this hunting thing down now.

Going after some eggs.

Kolin showing off his haul.

Avery with all the eggs she found.

Kelby let Kolin do the hunting and then he just reaped the benefits of all the candy.

After the whirlwind weekend we were able to attend Kelby's last baseball game on Monday evening. Unfortunately, because of schedule conflicts and a very short season this was the only game we were able to observe this season. So needless to say we were very glad we were able to attend.

Kelby and Avery. I love the smiles on both their faces.

Avery enjoying her ring pop with her new hairstyle. I think the dog ears make her look so grown up

Trying to get a glimpse of Kelby in the dugout.

I know this picture may not look like much (and please ignore the crooked part in her hair) but what is really going on is that Chris was teaching Avery how to spit!! Thanks alot uncle Chris :)

Kelby getting ready for some action.

So after all that activity we packed up Tuesday morning and headed out of town for 5 days of rest and relaxation at the campsite. The weather has been fabulous and we are enjoying being away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

I am sure I will have another ton of pictures to share when we get home from this trip.

Thanks for checking in on us!!!

April 13, 2009

Easter.....Part 2..

We had a very full day yesterday. We started out the morning by attending church with Chris and family. Of course we had to make 2 Easter services because Avery had 2 Easter dresses (mommy couldn't decide between 2).

Here she is with all her accessories getting ready:
For Christmas Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill had given her a pearl set (earrings, bracelet, and necklace) so we thought Easter was a great time to debut that set!

At one of my showers for Avery I received this beautiful dress, complete with mini dress for her doll
Avery and her doll in their matching dresses. Please ignore the tape measure....it's her new obsession.

Our little poser in Easter dress #2 (the first one you saw in the last post)

Our big extended family Easter egg hunt was postponed until next weekend due to weather so instead our immediate family gathered at mom's for Easter lunch and a bit of family time.
Me and my baby girl!!

Kolin modeling Avery's bunny ears (she wouldn't wear them)!!

After lunch the kids gathered at the table to color some eggs.
Lots of colors to choose from.

After coloring the real eggs we hid some plastic ones in the yard for Avery to hunt. Since this is her 3rd hunt this year she needed no direction, she just jumped right on it.
She knew exactly what to do when she found an egg....in the basket it goes!!

Mom made her this shirt to wear on Easter. Isn't it fabulous??

She was running so hard trying to get to more eggs, she took a tumble. Don't worry she popped right back up and was at it again in seconds.

She definitely made a haul!!

Our happy hunter!!

Kelby decided to have some fun while she was hunting and start hurdling her. It did not faze her at all, she just kept right on hunting along.

After we came home from mom's the Easter Bunny had left a basket for Avery. Paul had to work a few hours that morning (the joys of retail)so the bunny made a late delivery for us! :)

Checking out her stash from the Easter bunny!!

Wasn't it nice of him to include toothbrushes along with all the candy??

Avery and her daddy. A happy girl after her first family Easter.

We had a great holiday. We were able to experience two worship services, spend some great time with the family, and see our little girl's face light up at all the festivities.

We still have the postponed Easter egg hunt next weekend as well as a mini celebration with Paul's family to go, so we are not done yet.

Hope you all had a very blessed day.

Happy Monday!!

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

Can you believe these 2 pictures are only 1 year apart? Where did my baby go?

Easter 2008
Technically it was 2days after Easter. We were in China and Avery had been with us a whole 24 hours!!!

Easter 2009
Our little girl getting ready to attend the special Saturday night Easter service at church.

May you all have a wonderfully blessed Easter!!


April 11, 2009

Easter festivities......part 1..

Avery has been a little egg hunting fool this week :)

Wednesday night she was invited to go to an egg hunt with Kiesha and the girls. Because I had to work my first inclination was to not let her go. It was to be her first egg hunt and I did not want to miss it. I told myself that that was a selfish thought so I gave in and let her but made Kiesha promise to take pictures! Needless to say after I say the smiles on her face in the pictures I am glad she went. I know she had a good time!!

Scoping out her eggs but pausing to have a candy break.

Here she is with her bounty.....is that smile not adorable?

Thursday evening was spent making cupcakes for her Easter party at daycare. Even though she only attends 2 days a week we were invited to come up on her off day to celebrate with her class. We were in charge of bringing cupcakes for the kids.

I decided to let her help with the sprinkles and even though it was a HUGE mess, she really enjoyed her job.

Here are the finished products.

Now most of you know that my mom decorates cakes. So of course she got in on the action and wanted to do some professional cupcakes as well...
Here are the baby chicks and lambs that the little ones loved!!

Friday afternoon we headed to "school" to attend the party.

Avery with her Easter basket they had made earlier in the week.

Happy girl celebrating with all her friends!

She looks so grown up when she is sitting at the table among the other kids.

We then ventured outside where the egg hunt was about to commence.
At one point Avery just dropped her basket so she could pick up 2 eggs at a time!

Spotting another egg.

Sitting at her place at the table waiting for treats to be served.

So that's what we have done so far and we still have the actually holiday tomorrow!!

I know this post has been about Easter eggs, hunts, cupcakes, and other things but let us not forget the REAL reason for holiday!!!!

We will be attending Easter service tonight at our home church (because Paul had to work in the morning) and then tomorrow morning we are joining Chris and family at their church for services.

Happy Easter!!!

May the Lord bless you on this holiday and everyday!!!