March 24, 2008

So here's how it all went down.....

We all got down to the lobby at 9:40 this morning, got on our bus, and made our way to the Civil Affairs Office. We arrived at 9:55 right on time for our 10:00 appointment. We were the only 2 families in the office and there was one baby there that did not belong to either of us (even though we both would have taken her). We sat and waited as several more families came in and then a couple of babies. We saw families uniting all around us and it was a wonderful site. Our crew and The Downings were closing watching all movement around the building to get the first glimpses of our girls. After waiting about 45 minutes our guide came to us and said that she had just been informed by the officials that our girls were not going to be arriving until 2pm. We were heartbroken but in the grand scheme of things what's 3 more hours.

We all trekked back to the bus and glumly boarded. A group decision was made that we could all either go back to the hotel and cry or try to keep ourselves distracted so what did we do you might ask? We went to Wal-Mart!!! Yes the real thing, we shopped, laughed at each other scoping out the merchandise, and did a great job of keeping ourselves occupied. We had lunch at KFC inside Wal-Mart and by the time we came out and stopped in a couple of other shops it was time to go back to the Civil Affairs Office. This time I have to admit we were all a bit guarded when we entered. As soon as Paul and I crossed the threshold of the office we spotted her! She was sitting with the nanny and immediately came to us. She was happy, smiling, and showing her 2 little bottom teeth.

She should be used to having her picture taken already, because I think mom was snapping every 2 seconds!!
I know we have only had her a few hours now but so far she is going to each of us equally. Paul is the one that claims the prize of getting her to sleep first.
She did cry a little bit when we were in the office but it wasn't too bad.
She appears to have a little bit of a cold but we will clear that up with the arsenal of meds I brought.
Welcome to the family baby girl!!

We only had a few minutes to speak with the nanny and orphanage director but we should be able to speak with them more in the morning. We did receive back all the things we sent to Avery in a care package (including the disposable camera) and we were also shocked to receive a photo album the orphanage workers had prepared with about 20 pictures of Avery in the last months! They also gave us her finding ad. We are so grateful to have received these memento's.

We spent about 45 minutes in the office and then it was back to the bus again to go back to the hotel. She was a little fussy along the way but we think she was probably very tired and hungry. We tried to give her a bottle but she has no desire for American formula. Our guide went out to go purchase the formula and rice cereal that the nanny had told us she preferred. After a couple of mess-ups I was finally able to master a bottle she wound take. After drinking one and a half bottles she was down for a nap. We are pretty sure that with the travel (her orphanage is 4.5 hours away) she missed at least one feeding if not two. She slept soundly for over 3 hours.

She covers her eyes when she is trying to get to sleep.

Our angel sleeps.
A very happy family!!
A kiss from mommy while in daddy's arms!
She seems to like to be able to move freely and stretch out.

We are still in awe of her. As she slept in our room Paul and I just kept looking at each other and saying "is she really ours?" It still seems unreal!!

We have received a ton of emails and comments and we appreciate each and every one!! Keep 'em coming!!!

A side note: Kelley, Erin, Valerie, and Christie all said a special prayer and lit a candle for us at 9pm Texas time (10am China time). Girls, little did you know that your prayers were the strength we needed to deal with the one last unexpected wait to hold our daughter.

We head back to the Civil Affairs office at 8am to let the officials know if we agree "to love her forever". I don't think there is any question what our answer will be!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for checking in with us and our newly expanded family!!


Pug Mama said...

God bless her.
She is beautiful.
you have a beautiful family.

Christie said...

Oh girl....I just sat here weeping again. She's just precious and lovely, and I'm so happy for you and Paul.

Thank you for the follow-up post...I don't think I could have waited another day (but I would have tried!)

OMG! You're a mama!!!

Mya said...

OH my goodness! She is absolutely gorgeous! And you guys are just beaming! I am so happy for you guys. Just watching the last few days on the blog have brought back so many wonderful memories and emotions. Congratulations on your beautiful new family!

Stacey said...

Be still my heart. She is the most amazing little girl ( next to Miah of course LOL) that I have seen! I LOVE those little lips and that sweet little nose, could she be any more perfect?? I am crying here with such joy that your day has finally come and you are parents!! Congratulations you deserve every moment of happiness!

Anonymous said...


I am sitting here in the shop just crying! I can't believe it is happening. Paul you are going to be the BEST DAD every! Robyn you are not to bad yourself! LOL! A good baby comes to those who wait. She is perfect!! The kids can't wait to play with her and love on her!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

She takes my breath away. She is absolutely beautiful. I am so very happy for you. Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

OH!!!!! How beautiful she is!!!!

I finally gave up and went to bed at 11:30 last night. But this post was SOOOOOO worth the wait. Many thanks to you or Auntie K for your posts, they have been so wonderful to follow.

What perfect pictures Momma Martha took of your first minutes as Kimberlin, Party of 3. What a wonderful way to start off our week.

Brings back so many memories of all our firsts as the M Trio.

Prayers for continued good health for the travelers and that the Divine Miss Avery gets over her cold quickly! And for SMOOTH sailing from here on out.

Love her lovey :-)


Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! Thank you for sharing with us - all my family and friends are following your blog! We were at a party Friday night and got your blog up on the hostesses computer and everyone was checking it out. You guys are famous and we are living vicariously through you and we FEEL your joy! CONGRATULATIONS!
Teresa & David

Jamie said...

She is beautiful and you guys are now complete. Can I tell you how much I love the fact she sleep with her hand over her eyes. What a sweet baby. I hope to see her on April 3rd!! You deserve this!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Robyn & Paul,
She is beautiful, how precious she is with the two of you. We are all so happy for you & Paul. What a joy she will be to all of you.
We can't wait to see her in person, God knew the plans he had for you, she could not be more perfect. Thanks for all of the updates & pctures. Enjoy your little girl Mom & Dad.
Love, Glenda & Family

Anonymous said...

Congrats and God bless the whole family!

Consider yourself hugged!
Julie Noble
(Christie's sister-in-law)

Shannon said...

Congratulations! She is gorgeous! What a blessing. Reading your posts has brought back all those happy, wonderful memories!

Valerie said...

OK, blogger hates me. I posted earlier but it told me I was an error (not the first time I've heard that one).

She is amazing, bautiful, lovely pink cheeks and such kissable lips.

You are blessed many times over.

You and Paul look so happy and over the moon in love.

Counting the moments till we can see you in person.

Love V

Ashley said...

I am so happy for y'all! Congrats! She is beautiful and I know that she is everything that you guys have been praying for!

You can so see the massive amounts of love in y'alls faces!


Anonymous said...

Robyn, Paul, and Avery, what a beautiful family you have!! I am so happy that you finally found your way to each other. She is so beautiful and you all look soooo happy!! I can't wait to meet her in person. God Bless your growing family!!! Jaimie

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Kimberlin party of 3!!!! She is just so beautiful!! I can't believe your parents!!! Congratulations, she looks like a Kimberlin all ready!! We said a prayer for you at 9pm TX time for you both & so glad that she is finally here & with y'all. You both are absolutely beaming, we are so happy for you & cry tears of joy for you both!! God Bless y'all, love & hugs from Avery's new Auntie & Uncle ( we are beaming too) Love you three very much,
Tony & Melinda

Anonymous said...

Awesome! she is beautiful. (I hope you know you made me cry!!) Yall look so happy. welcome to parenthood. Keep the pictures comming. - shanna

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! Congratulations and God Bless!!

Thomas and Deana

Linda said...

Congats!!! You make a beautiful family. Linda

Anonymous said...

Kelby & Kolin want you to take an earlier flight home! We can't wait to hug & kiss her. She is beautiful.

Love ya!

Chris & Danette

Jennifer Paiz (J-Lo) said...

She is just beautiful!!Congrats!! So happy for you!!

Anonymous said...


the reason she has her arm over her eyes is you have that Texas Tech shirt on. put a Longhorns shirt on boy.