September 26, 2009

Walt Disney World '09

I know I have been horrible at blogging lately!! We are currently on vacation at Walt Disney World and I know the grandparents are very anxious to see pics of us (okay...Avery) on our trip so I will try to least this week. We are traveling with our dear friends Bob, Erin, Mollianne, and Meisey. Can't wait to see what all this adventure holds!!

We stayed Friday night at a hotel right at the airport since we had a very early flight Saturday morning.
Avery and Paul chilling out at the hotel.

The girls were just too precious pulling their own bags through the airport.
Avery was quick to decide that anything Mollianne did she wanted to do too!!

and Meisey sure couldn't be left behind.

My own little budding photographer!!

Bob, Erin, Mollianne, and Meisey boarded and ready to take off for Orlando!!

Paul, Avery, and me....ready to get this trip started!!

This was Avery's first flight since we came home from China (let's not talk about how that flight went)...she did FABULOUS!! She was so excited at take-off and proceeded to entertain us the entire time.

Two little peeping toms sitting right behind us!
We have arrived!! First Mickey sighting at the airport!

We traveled by bus to our hotel, got checked in and were welcomed with:
Mickey ear towels!!

Saturday afternoon was spent unpacking and napping. Later we went to Downtown Disney for dinner..more on that later!!

Having a great time!!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!