January 31, 2008

So you already know.....

but I figured I would type a post anyway. Huge thanks to Christie for updating for me today!!!! After spending all day glued to the phone, finally at about 4pm I accepted the fact that today was not THE day. I then checked my email and found the info Christie told you about. Since I wasn't hurrying home to print up a massive amount of pictures or start stuffing the announcement envelopes I figured I might as well go to Kelby's basketball game. I knew that would put me home after 7 and I didn't want to leave you all hanging so I called upon my great friend and had her help me out. A couple of months ago I purchased this ultra cool phone (the Palm Treo) and I can get on the web and check things but for some reason I could not update my blog. Who knows???

Anyway.......can you believe that possibly right now there is an envelope with Avery's picture and our name making it's way to the Lone Star State??? Still feels kind of surreal!!!

I do know that our agency usually has package deliveries around lunch time. As soon as the package is delivered they will send us an email telling if it contains referrals or not. IF the referrals are there they will start making phone calls to all us new parents. I will update as soon as I know anything but just wanted to let you know it would be around lunch time.

I thought I would end tonight's post with the proof that I am going to make a great mother. Rowdy had a vet appt last week and when we went to leave the house it was a chilly 34 degrees. So I scooped him up took him back inside and put his coat on him. Needless to say the vet had a huge smile on his face when we walked in!!

Paul was beyond embarassed when I late told him what I had done. He says he can never face the vet again. I don't know what the big deal is I just wanted my baby boy to be warm!!

Until tomorrow.......


OK everyone - Christie here, filling in for my M3 Posse Sista, Robyn. She's on the road, or she'd be here doing this herself. She did not want to make her blog peeps suffer unnecessarily, so she asked me to kindly update the blog for her.

The latest news is, there is no news. Well, sort of. Nothing today, and that's the way the adoption cookie crumbles. However, she did get an email from her agency saying that there is a package en route arriving tomorrow that they can neither confirm nor deny are referrals. (Cough) But, they did offer that they would e-mail families once the curious "don't know what it could be coming from China" package does arrive and let them know if referrals are enclosed. At that point, they will receive phone calls within a few hours letting them know about their baby. They also made sure to add that there are no guarantees that this "package" will be referrals. But...

I'm with you - COME ON ALREADY! You're killing us over here! But what can we do - she's made it this far and it would seem we only have one more lousy stinking day left in a two plus year wait, until she sees the child she's been praying for and dreaming of. OMG! I just got shaky! Can't even freakin' stand it. I need a Xanax.


There's no place like tomorrow. There's no place like tomorrow. There's no place like tomorrow.

January 30, 2008

Hold on tight....it's about to become a very wild ride!!

Well, the rumor mill is out in full force right now. Before I give you the latest scoop let me reiterate that these are the RUMORS that are out there, we have not see an official announcement yet.

Now on to the good stuff:

Supposedly referrals have arrived in Europe. In past trends referrals arrive 1-2 days there before arriving in the states because of distance. What this mean for us...............we could see Avery's face as early as tomorrow!! That's tomorrow people!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in the last 2+ years I am selfishly unconcerned about the cut-off, I just want to know WHEN!!!!!!!

We did receive an email from our agency this afternoon that said although they did not know when referrals were arriving they wanted to review the referral process with us. So surely they expect them soon if they are putting stuff out there.

I know this post is totally random but so are my head and thoughts right now.

THE PLAN (if the call comes Thursday):
Paul and I are usually on the same schedule (we both work night shift), however I have meetings during the day tomorrow so while he will be sleeping I will be about an hour away from home with my cell phone glued to my chest. We have instructed the agency to call the house first and if there is no answer to call my cell. More than likely the call will come to my cell and I will immediately call Paul's cell to wake him up with the news. We will then begin the calling of all those nearest and dearest to us. I have already warned my manager that if the call comes I am so out of there and will be heading home immediately!!! I am sure I will make a dozen or so calls on my trip home!! Since I will be in meetings and away from the computer I plan to update the blog as soon as possible.

Paul and I have made an agreement that we will not open the email containing Avery's picture until we are together. Some of my family members don't believe I can stick to this agreement (Hi Mom!!) but I will prove them wrong. If the call comes tomorrow I will jet home, he will be waiting and we will see our baby's face. I am sure the next action will be to hit forward on the email so that everyone can see her picture. Then of course we will be updating the blog so you can see as well.

So that's our plan. You know what they say about "the best laid plans" though!!!

So be sure to check in on us tomorrow. I will update either way!!!

Can someone please pass the Xanax???????

January 28, 2008

Let the preparation begin....

This past weekend Paul and I kept busy (trying not to think about referrals). We were pretty successful and actually got quite a bit accomplished. Let me fill you in on the highlights:

I finally got around to snapping a picture of Avery's diaper bag:

I fell in love with this diaper bag when we had a patient deliver at my hospital who also happens to be a coworker (Hi Debra!)She had this diaper bag in her room and it was "love at first site". Of course when I quizzed her on where I could get one she wasn't sure because it was a gift to her. My nosy gene went into full force and I looked inside it for the brand which I then proceeded to google, find on an online shop, decided I couldn't afford it, bid on a new one on Ebay, and wa-la.......I have the diaper bag I want!!!!! It is soooo cute!!!

Next up:
This may look like a plain box of envelopes.....

but NO!!!!! What is actually inside is envelopes that are labeled and addressed with our special return address labels ready for referral announcements

I spent one evening stickering all the envelopes, and then the following afternoon I printed one side of the announcement (the stuff I knew) and now just need to add in Avery's picture and birthday to my template, print the other side and they will be ready to mail. I also ordered the new Chinese New Year stamps to place on these very special announcements.

Saturday afternoon I spent going through my "China Travel" box and sorting through all the goodies I have collected over time. I took all the meds out of the boxes (to conserve room) and filled out luggage tags, checked off packing lists, and last but certainly not least we opened the baby carrier:

Since neither of us have ever used one of these things we were totally lost when out of the box came all these straps and panels. We read the directions and put one of Avery's dolls in to test it out. We soon figured out that the doll was too small so we used the next best thing: ROWDY!!!! He was not very impressed but at least now we know how to use this contraption and know that it can hold a 13 pound dog!!

It is Monday night and so far no sign of referrals. With no rumblings out there I doubt tomorrow will be THE day either, but hopefully by the end of the week our wait will be over.

Keep sending those referral vibes!!!

January 24, 2008

A very cool opportunity....

Yesterday the management teams from several departments at the hospital where I work met at our director's house for an annual meeting. This year we had a very special surprise. A local company that does medical transports brought one of their helicopters out for us to explore and learn more about their services. When our director informed us they were coming our first thought was "yeah right but not in the helicopter, where would it possibly land?" Well lo and behold soon the fire department showed up and used their fire engine to block her street and here came the helicopter landing right at the end of the cul de sac. It was so cool for all of us to be standing out in the yard to watch it's descent. We were like a bunch of school kids just oohing and ahhing.

Here is comes now. The ironic thing was the circle that was already located on the road. We think they used it as a target.

Can you believe they actually landed right in the neighborhood? I am sure some of the neighbors were very curious.
As soon as they opened the doors we were all exploring. This is where the patient would be as well as 2 EMT's during flight.

As soon as they offered for someone to climb in I was all over that!!
Too bad they wouldn't let me sit in front. I really wanted to push some of those buttons.
Keysla and I were all smiles at this unique opportunity. She however had not desire to climb aboard.
Our whole group posing with the flight crew.
And who do you think had to be wearing a bright pink sweater and be front and center?? Oh well, it's definitely not hard to pick me out of the crowd.

Unfortunately we didn't get to actually take rides (can you imagine how long that would have taken with all of us); however, they did offer for us to come to headquarters some time and take a ride. Something I will definitely be checking out!!

What a cool way to spend an afternoon!!!!!!

January 23, 2008

Avery's Age..

What's on my mind tonight...........

Let me preface this post by saying that Paul and I both firmly believe that the child that is meant for our family is the one that God (and the CCAA) will place with us.

With that being said.....there has been alot of talk on the web lately regarding the ages of the children that are being referred. Some months we see alot of younger children (as young as 5 months) and some months we see more older children (I am referring to those in the 2-3yr category). I was talking with my friends this past weekend regarding what we hope for, asked for, etc. Paul and I requested a little girl as young as possible. Since neither of us have ever been parents we want to experience every milestone possible with Avery. So to us the younger, the better. When that magical phone call does come if Avery's birthday is anytime in '07 we will be ecstatic, '06 we will celebrate, if for some reason it is '05 or even earlier I am sure we will be a little disappointed at first. Not because of her for any reason but because that means there is even more of her life that we have missed out on, more of her life that she had to spend in an orphanage, and more of her life that she might not have know love.

So yes, we hope she is very young, but regardless of her age she WILL be our daughter and we will have many, many years to experience milestones and watch her grow.

Happy Wednesday!!!

January 22, 2008

Not THE call, but a call.....

I just got off the phone with our agency. They are calling all the families up next for referral to verify phone numbers and find out which number to call first when THE call comes. Could this really be happening?? Could we really be receiving our referral in the next couple of weeks??

Incidentally, Sunday marked month #25 that we have been logged in at the CCAA. Surely, there won't be a 26!!!!!

Here's to the next two weeks flying by!!

January 19, 2008

THE BIG 3 7!!!!

Huge Happy Birthday Wishes to my wonderful husband!!!

From an adorable little boy, you have grown into a loving, wonderful man. Thank you for being the man you are! I love you!!

Avery is going to be so lucky to have you for a daddy!!

Can't wait to celebrate the next 37 birthdays with you too!!!!!!!

January 17, 2008

Busy, busy.....

I have been busily working on my list of things to do before referral and have made quite a dent in it.

Here is a copy of my list from last week:

"Things to do before referral"
1. Fine tune the referral announcements so that all I have to do is add in Avery's picture, birthday, and province

2. Print out photos for her care package photo album - DONE!!

3. Gather things for care package so that it can mailed ASAP - DONE!!

4. Update and print address labels for referral announcements - DONE!!

5. Design the t-shirts that Paul, Mom, Kathy, and I will be wearing to China.
(yes, we want everyone we see to know where we are going and why!!) I haven't exactly finished the design but I did order the plain shirts and will finish the designs when I have a better idea of the exact color of the shirts

6. Review and merge all the packing lists that I have gathered from other's that have traveled before us. DONE!!

In addition to all this I have also made my grocery shopping list for my MIL to use to restock us when we come home and am planning to go to the bank today to start gathering my crisp, new $100 bills.

You would think we were planning on leaving soon instead of having a couple more months. I was thinking today that approximately 90 days from now this should all be behind us......the wait, the meeting, the trip, and we will be happily settling down as a family of 3!!! Can you believe we are finally this close??

Happy Thursday!!!!

January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelby!!!!!!

I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to our nephew Kelby. He turns the big 14 today. I can't believe in only 2 more years he will be driving. It seems like just yesterday he was coming home from the hospital.

Kelby......We love you and are so proud of the wonderful young man you are growing up to be. We know you will make an awesome big cousin to Avery!!!!

January 14, 2008

Have I told you lately that............

WE ARE NEXT!!!!!!!!!

We are now 14 days into January, hopefully only a couple more weeks until we see our Avery's face!! Just think half a world away right now our file is probably sitting on someone's desk and they are matching us with our daughter. We know that the "man upstairs" has alot to do with that matching process and he will bring us the child that is meant for us!

I have been hard at work on my "TO DO before referral list" and have happily checked off several items. I am sure there is a ton of stuff I am leaving off, but hey, one way or another it will all get done.

Happy Monday!!!!!

January 12, 2008

Do you think this will help us clear customs faster??

Dad recently had to make a visit to the FBI office (don't worry, it was work related) and came home with this little treasure for Avery.

I am not sure if it would help or hinder us for her to wear this home regardless she sure will look cute in it!!! Thanks Dad!!!!

13 years........

just in case you ever forget to never take life or health for granted stroll down memory lane with me by clicking here

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

January 11, 2008

A great report

As many of you know 2007 was not exactly a "banner year" for our family. We feel like we spent way more time at hospitals and funeral services than weddings or baby showers. Anyway even though we are only 11 days is to 2008. This has already been a great year for us.

There has been one challenge that I have not been blogging about but choose to share now. Back in late Spring my sister-in-law Danette's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. At the time he was given a very grim prognosis. As her family was still reeling with this diagnosis as well as trying to figure out how to tell Kelby and Kolin this news we faced the unexpected death of my grandfather. So these two little innocent boys were forced to face death and illness at a very rapid pace.

In late summer James and Charla (Danette's parents) went to a world renound cancer treatment hospital for 12 weeks of vigorous chemo and radiation. They were told that even that may prove to be unsuccessful. One of the worst things for them was being away from home and missing their grandson's activities while they were in the midst of treatment. They finally got to return home in early November and just this week returned to the hospital for another battery of tests to see if the treatments worked. We have all been hoping and praying that James would receive a good report. I even spoke to Danette last night and she said that all the tests had been completed and they just had to return today to get the results.

Just a few minutes ago I received this email from Danette:

They met with the doctors today and received “TWO THUMBS UP”:
Right lung—spot has reduced to what they projected and they say it should scar up and capsulate itself.
Left lung---middle of spot has gone away—showing that it eats from inside out. They believe it will continue to do so!
He has no further treatment scheduled at this time and will return in 2 months for checkup & testing

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!! Many prayers have been sent up for the entire family and we are so thankful that this positive report was received today!!!!!

James and Charla had this family picture taken in early Summer.

From left: Chris, Danette, Charla, James, Tiffany, and Sonny (Danette's brother and wife)
and of course Kolin and Kelby

Incidentally Sonny and Tiffany are expecting grandson #3 for Charla and James in early March!!

Thanks to God, medical science, God, positive attitudes, God, and prayer James now has many more years to spoil his grandsons!!!!!!!

January 10, 2008

Can you stand the cuteness????

I found this onesie today at Old Navy (on the clearance rack no less) and I snatched that thing up like it was on fire!!!! Sorry my dear friends they only had 1, if they had more I would have bought all they had to give to all my dear waiting friends.

Anyway, I am sure whoever designed this had no idea what this little shirt would mean to someone like me!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

January 9, 2008

Feeling way behind.....

You would think that by waiting for our referral for over 2 years I would have every task completed and just be here twidling my thumbs while we wait. But NO!!!!!! I have made several lists in the last couple of day of

"Things to do before referral"
1. Fine tune the referral announcements so that all I have to do is add in Avery's picture, birthday, and province

2. Print out photos for her care package photo album

3. Gather things for care package so that it can mailed ASAP

4. Update and print address labels for referral announcements

5. Design the t-shirts that Paul, Mom, Kathy, and I will be wearing to China.
(yes, we want everyone we see to know where we are going and why!!)

6. Review and merge all the packing lists that I have gathered from other's that have traveled before us.

That's all I have for now. So if you have any suggestions for other things that I must do before referral please let me know.

.....and instead of working on my to-do list I am busy updating my blog ABOUT my to-do list!!! Go figure!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

1 week down.......

and hopefully only 3 more to go!! That's right we have already passed one week since the last set of referrals arrived. Here's hoping that the next set arrive on time (we would even take early!!). Right now we anticipate seeing Avery's face anywhere between Jan 25th and Feb 7th. That's not a scientific guess or anything just my prediction. So here's to seeing our baby's face in less than a month!!!!

January 2, 2008

Yep, it's official......

The CCAA updated their website this evening and the cut-off for this month's referrals is Dec 19th. Yes, you read it correctly we missed it by one day....So now we know we are definitely next. China in the spring sounds lovely!!!!