April 26, 2006

Dinner, the saw, camping, and I've been tagged...

I know I have behind in my blogging duties so this might be a long one...

Saturday night Paul and I went to dinner with other families using GWCA. We had a great time and met some wonderful people. I think we were the "senior" LID there so we felt really smart because we were able to answer alot of questions. We are planning to have these dinners every couple of months so it will be exciting to see everyone hit the various stages of the process. Erin did a phenomenal job of organizing this dinner and once again we had the pleasure of seeing Kelley with her two darling China girls. She and Erin have been so helpful to us in this adoption process and just seeing their girls keeps us focused on the reward at the end of the journey.

I have had several comments on my post regarding our workday on Avery's room and my use of the portable saw. I just want ya'll to know that I love using that saw so if you need anything cut I am your girl!!

As I mentioned in a previous post Paul and I are going camping this weekend. We will head out this morning and come back home Sunday night. We will be camping with Paul's parents, grandparents, and aunt&uncle. It should be a nice relaxing time. We will also be attending a family reunion on Saturday so this will give us the opportunity to see alot of family we have not seen since we started this adoption process. I guess we will spend all day talking about "our girl" and explaining the journey.

Just so you know, I use the term "camping" very loosely. Those who know me know I am not exactly the outdoorsy type. We will be staying in our travel trailer that has all the conviences of home: queen size bed, tv, dvd/vcr, microwave, etc. I do consider it "roughing it" simply because we will not being taking the satellite this time. We will have to make due with the channels we get on the antenna (oh the sacrifices!)

Camping with the family is usually a fun experience. We all have our own trailers and set up four in a row. We get together for dinner and games every evening and kind of do our own thing during the day. I plan on scrapbooking, reading, and just "chillin out". I will probably be absent from the blogging world for a few days but don't worry I will be back!!

Last and certainly not least, I have been tagged. Many of you have either seen this or been tagged yourselves. I am supposed to list 6 weird things about myself so here goes:

1. When I lay down to go to sleep I have to check my alarm a minimum of 5 times. I don't know why I just keep pressing the button to make sure the time is correct.

2. I can imitate the noise of the "spit sucker" they use at the dentist office. You know that thing they put in your mouth to keep all the saliva out while they are working on you.

3. I have to have something to drink while I am eating. If we are eating out and my glass is empty I cannot continue to eat until my glass is refilled.

4. The Christmas presents under my tree have to be wrapped in coordinating paper, ribbons, and tags.

5. I plan our trips to Disney down to the last detail. I even go so far as to plan which direction we will turn after entering parks and what rides to go on in what order.

6. I have to sleep on the left side of the bed on my stomach. I cannot get comfortably any other way.

Well, there you have it 6 weird things about me. I am sure there are many more but this is all I can come up with now.

Have a great week!!

April 22, 2006

Pictures of our work day....

Since you have already seen pictures of the results, I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the actual work......

Yes, I CAN use a portable saw!!! Mom kept yelling at me to be careful and Paul would not even stay in the room, he just knew I was going to cut my finger off. (I still have all 10!)

Mom adding the floral border at the bottom.

See, we already have use for a crib. :)

Paul and I attempting to put the crib together and Rowdy trying to figure out what new play toy we have bought for him! Once it was all put together Rowdy was not impressed.

So that's some highlights of this weeks work on Avery's room.

I have the wonderful privilege of having lunch yesterday with some other adoptive moms. We call ourselves "Ladies who Lunch". Erin (with M), Kelley (with E and M), Valerie, and new inductees Betsy, and Jamie (with P). We had a fabulous time and I look forward to doing it again in the future!!! We are strangers whose paths would probably have never crossed, until our daughters brought us together. I already feel so bonded with them and look forward to long friendships.

Well, I am off the clean out the travel trailer today since we are going camping next week, but more about that later. Tonight we have a dinner (Paul can go this time)with other adoptive families. I'll update about that later tonight.

Happy Saturday!!

April 21, 2006

Avery's Room

We are still a work in progress....we need to add the butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybugs to the walls, but this will give you a general idea of how her room is going to look:

We still have to add the flower border to the bottom of this wall.

Avery's bedding is all being made by my mom (love ya mom!!). She finished the comforter but needed to measure the crib for the bedskirt, etc. The bed converts to a toddler then one piece is used as a full-size headboard later. The crib was a very generous generous gift from Paul's grandparents. Thank you Grammy and Daddy Sonny!!

This is a dresser that my parents purchased for Avery unfinished, my mom painted it and then my mother-in-law and I stenciled it. It was our first attempt at stenciling and sure was fun. We still have to add the knobs and may do some sponge butterflies on it.

This toy chest belonged to Paul when he was a boy. We are going to stencil some on it too!! The cradle was made by my great-great-great grandfather,has been used for several generations and was given to me when I was born. I remember playing alot with my dolls in that cradle. The blanket that is in the cradle was made for me by my maternal grandmother who passed away two years ago. She was an excellent seamstress and I treasure this heirloom.

Avery has her very own bookshelf hanging from the wall. We tried to make it height appropriate so she can pick and choose as she wants. Maybe she will inherit my love of reading.

I made these letters after I saw some similiar in the Company Kids catalog. I am too cheap to pay $10 a letter so I just made my own.

As you can see everything in her room has been hand-picked and holds special meaning whether it is old or new. As we complete the finishing touches in the next few weeks I will be sure to add more pictures.

I am off to have lunch with some amazing new friends.....

April 20, 2006

Happy 4 month Anniversary!!!

Today marks 4 months since our LID. So if the wait is 8 months we are 1/2 there, 12 months 1/3 there, 16 months (god forbid)1/4 there. No matter how long the wait is we will not have to repeat the last 120 days and that feels pretty good.

I know I promised updates on the room, however I just got home at 10:45pm from a 2 1/2 hour work meeting so I am pretty beat. I will give you a little teaser and will update and put lots of pictures tomorrow. Until then.....

How NOT to start your day!!!

After working on Avery's room yesterday I fell into bed totally exhausted. When I got up this morning Paul had just come home from work. I could tell by the look on his face that something was wrong. His first words were "Let me show you something". I figured Rowdy had been into something so I was very surprised when Paul opened our back door. There sat my new hail damaged car with the sunroof open. Well guess what, IT RAINED last night.

No, I could not have chosen a car with a normal sunroof, I had to have the panoramic roof where there that much more of the car is exposed. :)

This is the amount of water I vaccumed out of my back floorboards. We wiped everything elso down. I have leather seat so fortunately they just needed to be wiped down too.

I have to hand it to my wonderful husband. Had he done something stupid like leave the sunroof open I would have been p.o.'d and probably ranted and raved for awhile. Fortunately for me he just shook his head at me and help me clean everything up. I LOVE YOU HONEY!!

Paul could not believe I was going to post this on my blog, he figured I would not admit it to anyone. I simply told him this blog is about me: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Besides I thought everyone could use a good laugh.

Oh well, we can still salvage this day. My mom is coming over in a bit and we will continue to work on Avery's room. I will post more pictures of it tonight

April 19, 2006

What in your CD player?

Meaningless ramblings for today:

As I was driving home from work yesterday morning, I heard a local deejay make a comment about how the contents of your cd player defines your personality. I gave that comment alot of thought but I can't quite figure out how that correlates to me.

Here are the contents of my cd player:

1. Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day (their newest album)
2. Tim McGraw - Greatest Hits Volume 2
3. Def Leppard - The Vault 1980-1995 (their greatest hits)
4. Ashley Simpson - Autobiography (I know every word to every song)
5. Alan Jackson - Precious Memories (great collection of old time gospel songs)
6. I Can Only Imagine - a time life collection of contemporary christian songs.

After looking at this list you can see that I have no favorite genre of music, I listen to everything!!! This doesn't even include the 20 or so cds I have in the console of my car. We've got our rock, country, pop, and gospel. Does this mean I am indecisive? I already know I am random maybe this just solidifies that thought.

So, what's in your cd player and what does that say about you?

April 15, 2006

Who needs Extreme Makeover?

The great room make-over for Avery started today. Bright and early this morning my mom, Paul's mom, Paul, and I began painting. We painted in record time and accomplished more today than I ever thought possible. It is still a work in progress but the room is definitely beginning to take shape. Here are some pics from our workday.

Martha (Robyn's mom), Sandra (Paul's mom), and Robyn armed and dangerous with our paintbrushes. Mom and I painted the "blue sky" while Sandra worked on the "green grass". Paul, of course, was helping too, but we made him take the picture instead of be in it.

The semi-finished product after we added the clouds. We still need to make the grass texture on these walls.

Notice the grass "look" on this finished wall. This cloud represents Paul and my love of all things disney. This is our own personal "hidden mickey".

We also painted all the furniture white and did some stenciling on it. I will have to take a picture and post that one next time.

We are working the next few days so work on the room will continue mid-week I will keep posting the progress so you all can follow along.

Happy Easter!!!!!!
God Bless You!!!

April 13, 2006

The next step....

This weekend we will start painting Avery's room. I have mixed emotions about this.

On one hand I am very excited. I have a ton of ideas and with what we have planned I think it will be a beautiful room. I can't wait to see my little girl in there.

On the other hand I am very scared. After being on the infertility roller-coaster and having so many hopes and dreams dashed, actually starting a room is a big step.

I think actually having a room will make it seem "real". Over the years Paul and I have purchased various baby items and then when we did not achieve pregnancy these items went into a closet. With stuff in a closet you don't have to see it, it's not "in your face" taunting you. A whole room is a different story. I am not the type that will close the door and not enter. I am sure I will be in and out of that room many times and I am not sure what I will feel. Will I just sit and dream of my daughter half a world away? Obsess over the wait? Plan her life from gotcha day until college?

I am not a pessimist by nature, but I think that I have been so heartbroken over the years that I have built a wall around my emotions related to being a mother.

Part of me now realizes that adoption has been the plan for Paul and I from the beginning. We just didn't know it. We battled infertility and ran into almost every obstacle possible. Once we surrendered control and prayed about God's plan for us (instead of OUR plan) the path became clear. We had an almost effortless paperchase. Finances have come together in a way I never dreamed possible. The support we have received from family and friends has been awesome. The new friends we have met in the adoption community are godsends.

Sometimes the adoption path seems to good to be true. I keep waiting for the ball to drop. Someone to tell me there is a problem. The only variable I have come across is the wait. But you know what, we have been waiting 14 years what's a few extra months?

Here we go, we will start the room, we will put our heart and souls into making a loving, happy home for our daughter..and when she comes home she will know as much love, safety, security, and happiness that we can provide.

So these are my ramblings for today. I hope they make sense. Sometimes the words don't exactly mirror the thoughts. What can I say? This is me!

Remember to send those creative vibes this way.

April 10, 2006

Painting, a Motorcycle, a Car Show, and Sunburns

Another fun-filled weekend in Texas.

Friday I spent the day painting Avery's closet. I forgot to mention earlier that before I could paint it, I had to "unload" it. Since we started the adoption process we have accumulated an unreal amount of clothes, toys, accessories, etc...that we have been storing in this closet. I can't even imagine how much stuff we will have we she actually comes home. At one point Paul came in the room, looked at everything I had stacked to one side and asked "Did all that really come out of the closet" I assured him that it had and we were together when most of it was purchased. Not to mention the things we have received from family and friends. You don't have to have a crystal ball to know this will be one very spoiled little girl!!

Saturday we spent at my nephew's basketball game, lunching with my mother in-law, and putting the finishing touches on the closet (baseboards, door, etc). Later in the evening I went up to my parent's house and spent some time visiting with them. My parents were watching my nephews for the evening and after a trip to Wal-Mart with papaw, K#2 (he doesn't want me to use him name)came back to the house with a razor motorcycle. It is a battery operated motorcycle that goes up to 15 miles per hour. Guess who was nominated to put it together? That's right, me. I love doing that kind of stuff and am pretty handy with a hammer and screwdriver. It was dark by the time we got it put together but that did not stop the boys from testing it out. There we were, standing in the driveway with a spotlight aimed at the yard, while they took turns riding. Country livin' at it's best!!!

Sunday we volunteered to work at a car show being held as a fundraiser for Morgan's (our best friend's daughter)cheerleading team. Her team competed in February and earned a bid to the "Final Destination" competition to be held in Baltimore next month. They have done several fundraisers to earn money for the trip. Today's fundraiser was a car, truck, and motorcycle show. I had never been to one of these before and I learned that people put a lot of time and money into these cars (old and new) just to take them all over the country showing them off. It was a beautiful day in Texas with the sun shining brightly. Brightly enough that after spending all day outside we are sporting some pretty good sunburns. I guess we just got an early start on our summer tans.

I have included a picture of the team performing one of their stunts. You will have to excuse the adults standing around them acting as "spotters". The girls usually perform on spring-loaded floors and the fact that we had them performing the stunts on concrete, 4 weeks before this major competition, made everyone a little nervous.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I will post a couple of times during the week and then next weekend is the beginning of the great "room makeover". Send all your creative vibes this way!!

April 7, 2006

Painting and the end of the cone...

We took Rowdy to the vet today to get his stitches removed. Once he had the stitches out he would no longer have to wear the "cone" around his head. As we were leaving I told Paul I wanted to take one last picture of him with the cone on, here he is.....

Once I took this picture and started to post it on my blog I noticed the wall Paul was standing in front of, I figured that would bring lots of "where is he?" thoughts. So I thought I would explain. Last spring I decided I was going to redo our guest room, I wanted something bright and fun. Those who know me were not suprised by the end result. I love this room and it has recently been transformed into half guest room, half office. When the social worker came for our home study last fall the only comment she had about the entire house was "This room might be a little over-stimulating for the baby." I just laughed. I am tapping into my creativity again for Avery's room. I promise you it will not be quite as bright.

Speaking of Avery's room I started painting today. Don't get too excited because I started with the closet. I know most people probably wouldn't go so far as to paint the inside of the closet but I wanted everything to be fresh and new. After painting for a couple of hours I can tell you there is nothing fun and creative about painting white. With that said let me asure you that when we start to paint the walls of the room (probably next weekend) none of them will be white.

I am off to do a second coat, Happy Friday everyone!!!

April 5, 2006

90 down.....10 to go

I have been collecting quilt squares for Avery's 100 Good Wishes Quilt since December. Instead of Christmas cards this years I sent letters to all our friends and family informing them of our plans to adopt and inviting them to participate in our quilt. I also joined two quilt square exchanges with other adoptive parents.

I am proud to announce that our friends, family, coworkers, and the other "exchangers" have come through with flying colors. We now have 90 squares!!!

I spent some time this evening washing, ironing, and cutting the squares to a unilateral measurement. I never dreamed I had so many.

I recently sent out a "last call" to our family and friends who keep telling us they want to participate but haven't done so yet. I have no doubt we will exceed the 100 square mark.

To all of those who have sent in their square THANK YOU!!!! To those that have yet to do it but want to contribute May 1 is the deadline.

I am looking forward to letting my creative juices flow as my mom and I create a unique pattern for Avery's quilt. Special thanks also goes out to Paul's grandmother who will be doing the actual quilting for us.

I am a visual person.....

I read a ton of blogs (I have already admitted I am an addict). When reading the blogs of people I have not met I always get a picture in my head of what I think they look like. Needless to say, if and when they do post pictures of themselves, my vision rarely matches the reality. So in that spirit I will post a picture of Paul and I so that those of you who have not met us can "see" us.

I think I am finally feeling motivated to start Avery's room. I have alot of plans and know that this may be a long process. I have started the necessities tonight by cleaning out the room that is to be hers. I know it is just a baby step but IT IS progress. I have the next 4 days off from work and don't have any major plans so I intend to use this time wisely by doing things around the house. I will try to udate my progress so you can how it is going. Wish me luck!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.

April 1, 2006

Wanna talk about me (Part 2).......

I know you have been on the edge of your seat awaiting the next 50 facts about me so without further adue here goes:

49. I don't like putting up laundry (I don't mind washing, drying, and folding..it's just the putting up..go figure)
48. One of my first jobs was working at a bonsai store.
47. All of the presents under my Christmas tree have to be wrapped in coordinating paper.
46. I look like my mom.
45. I act like my dad.
44. I have to have ketchup on my steak. (Yes, even a $25 steak at Salt Grass)
43. I do not like tomatoes (unless they are used in ketchup)
42. My favorite beverage is a glass of ice cold sweet tea.
41. When I was 21 I was involved in a very serious car accident and spent 11 months in a wheelchair.
40. I love to have candles burning in my house.
39. I love to read fiction and true crime books.
38. My guest room is painted neon orange, neon green, and neon pink (too cute!!)
37. My idea of a great summer afternoon is floating around in the pool on an air mattress and reading a good book.
36. I have no aversion to the "swimdress". (see #37)
35. I don't like bumper stickers on cars.
34. It irritates me when people drive the speed limit (or below)in the fast lane.
33. I can cook....but I don't like to.
32. The first record album I ever owned was Michael Jackson "Thriller"
31. I have a bad habit of leaving socks all over the house.
30. Petite and thin are two words that will never describe me.
29. I lose my keys alot.
28. I know more about football than most guys.
27. It takes me forever to pick out a greeting card. I have to read 10-20 before I find the "perfect" one.
26. I love to host wedding and baby showers.
25. I don't like to proofread (as evidenced by some of my posts)
24. I like to chew gum and blow big bubbles.
23. I have an amazing memory for dates.
22. I don't like long car trips.
21. I have had my own checking account since I was 16 (and never bounced a check).
20. I like to help others plan their trip to Walt Disney World.
19. I do not recycle.
18. I believe in God, heaven, and hell (and everything else a good southern baptist girl should)
17. I need to be more disciplined about attending church.
16. I have worn glasses since I was 16.
15. Lasik scares me, I don't like the thought of someone jacking with my eyes.
14. I have a metal rod that is inside my right femur (as a result of #41)
13. It doesn't go off at the airport, but did once go off at Universal Studios after 9/11.
12. One of my nursing school rotations was at a state mental hospital.
11. Another one was at a prison.
10. I have no tolerance for whining.
9. I have a very high pain tolerance.
8. My mom's favorite saying is "everything happens for a reason"
7. I make notes and to-do lists all the time.
6. I sleep with a box fan on, for the noise.
5. I have already started my packing list for China.
4. I believe first impressions are very important.
3. I can burp words (I know mom and dad are proud about this one) :)
2. I can sing the books of the new testament of the bible.
1. I am who I am flaws and all.

So there you have it..100 random facts about me.

Hope you enjoyed the list!!