November 5, 2006

Cast of Characters....Part 1

It was pointed out to me recently (thank you Jamie)that I don't always mention all the member's of my family. So I thought I would introduce you to them so in future posts you would know who's who.

I will do my family(Part 1) and then Paul's family (Part 2). These are immediate family members only and don't include the slew of aunts, uncles, and cousins that exist on each side.

Here goes:

My parents: Wayne and Martha. I have always had an awesome relationship with my parents and we are very close. As a matter of fact we live next door to each other!! They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first granddaughter and have already started the shopping sprees for her!!

My only sibling, my brother Chris and his youngest son Kolin. Chris is 2 years older than me and we have always had the typical brother and sister relationship. We picked on each other yet are the first to come to each others defense. Kolin is currently the baby of the family and will celebrate his 12th birthday in April. He is our "miracle" child. He was born 12 weeks premature and had multiple health probelms but he has overcome every one and is a joy to our family.

This is Kelby, he was the first grandchild and was spoiled appropriately so. He is our athlete and has always had an amazing personality. He will celebrate his 13th (OMG, he's going to be a teenager) birthday in January and he can't wait to welcome his cousin Avery into the family. He has already asked when he could babysit.

Meet Danette!! This is Chris's wife and the mother of my two wonderful nephews. Danette and I went to high school together and were good friends. She and Chris never really showed any interest in each other back then. Fast forward a few years and all the sudden they are inseperable. They celebrated their 14th anniversary in August.

Who could forget my 93 year old dancing grandma??? Grandma is my dad's mom and was married for 62 years before grandpa passed way 12 years ago. She is still a very vibrant personality in our family. She will probably outlive us all!!!

This is my only living grandpa, my mom's dad. He is 84 years old but acts like he is 40. He still drives and functions totally independently. He was a peanut and watermelon farmer for most of his life until he had to retire to take care of my grandma. She passed away from Alzheimers 3 years ago.

I am so excited that Avery will have great-grandparents to welcome her home.

So that's the scoop!!! All of us are eagerly awaiting Avery's arrival and can't wait to welcome her into this crazy family.


Valerie said...

Even your family looks fun. I got kids will have to use your family as a surrogate extended family...DEAL???

some kid that is related to robin said...

Kelby spoiled? no way!! he is just a sweet inocent kid...he is so fine dare u say that young mam...he isnt spoiled he is just loved very much...:)