February 27, 2007

A night with the girls and a playdate for Rowdy....

This past Saturday night we had our monthly M3 gathering. Of course there was tons of good food, tons of laughs, and a good time had by all. We were missing 2 of our girls (Valerie and Jamie) but were absolutely flabbergasted that Christie surprised us with her presence. Here we thought she was still in California but she was home. So glad to have you home girl!!

Erin has recently adopted a new puppy, Lucy, so she invited Rowdy to join us so that they could have a playdate together. Lucy literally wore Rowdy out chasing him around and we enjoyed watching the two of them sparring.

Onto the pictures from the night:
Our "hostess with the mostest" who made some awesome cheese enchiladas for us to feast on!!

The newest addition to Erin's family: Lucy. She was affectionately given the name "the cutest ugly dog".

Mollianne was very excited to show us her new bed, that had just been put together the night before. It came complete with a slide. What more could a girl ask for?
TA DA!!! Mollianne's new bed.

Christie and Mollianne hanging out in the play fort under the bed.

Rowdy definitely made a new friend in Kelley:
Even though he made her sneeze Rowdy wanted to lay by Kelley the entire night.

Rowdy and Lucy:
They played until they were both exhausted.

Rowdy after a few hours of hard playing..
Sitting on the chair with his new friend Kelley of course.

Kelley is still recovering from foot surgery but that does not stop her from hanging out with us
Have crutch will travel!!

Christie finally "escaped" from California
I am happy to report that after 30+ days in the hospital her dad is now resting at home and well on his way to recovery.

As usual girls it was a wonderful time and I can't wait to do it again.

February 23, 2007

My Secret Pal Rocks!!!

Earlier this week I recieved an awesome package in the mail from my secret pal!!

She must read my blog, because it contained all of my favorite things: the Little People van with the mom and baby inside, a scrapbook, a book of nursery rhymes, bathtub toys, a blanket, a raincoat, a candle holder, and a teddy bear.

Thank You so much for this unexpected surprise!!

February 21, 2007

I exercised.....and it didn't kill me!!!

Okay so one of my New Year's Resolutions (for the last 10 years) has been to exercise more. I like to walk outdoors for exercise. I have a ton of excuses for not starting until Feb.....the weather was crappy, too much to do after the holidays, allergy problems, etc. You name it, I have used it!! Well today I ran out of excuses. I am off work tonight, the weather is fabulous, I don't have anything going on this evening so I called up my mom and asked her if she wanted to accompany me to one of the popular walking trails near our home. She immediately accepted ('cause she is way more disciplined than me) and off we went with Rowdy in tow. I walked approximately 1.25 miles. I know it's not a marathon or anything but it is definitely a start. We just got back home and I feel energized and proud. So here's to baby steps and may the exercising continue!!!

Having trouble posting pictures right now so stay tuned for a picture of the awesome gift I received from my secret pal yesterday.

Also, yesterday marked our 14 month anniversary of our log in. We have officially doubled the time we originally thought we would be waiting. Oh well, I guess that just gives me more time to get in shape before I start chasing a toddler around!!

February 18, 2007

More Avery cuteness......

While on our shopping adventure for living room items yesterday. We also picked up a couple of things for Avery.

I love this chair:

We also found this clock to hang in her room:

Paul says we are now done buying the fu-fu girly stuff!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

A new living room.....

Our new furniture was delivered on Tuesday. So I drug Paul all around town yesterday trying to find accessories to outfit our new decor. We have never owned a sectional sofa set before and we absolutely love this one. It is a sofa, love seat, chaise combination and is so comfortable. It is a suede-like material that is called micro fiber. We also purchased a cocktail ottoman in a light blue color. I love the brown/light blue combination.

Our new living room. (Ignore the green curtains, I had to special order material to make new ones so these will remain up in the meantime)

While running around yesterday we looked several places for a sofa table. After scouring the furniture stores and Ikea we could not find anything we liked. We made a pit stop at Target to pick up a few thing and lo and behold we found a sofa table there.

While at the furniture store I happened to see this mirror in the kids section and it became a "must have"
It will look great in Paul's and my bedroom!!

The home decorating continues!!!

Addendum: Thank you to Erin for pointing out in her comment the girl on tv while I was taking the picture of our new sofa table. It only makes me wonder........what WAS Paul watching????

February 16, 2007

Spoiled? Oh no, NOT my child.......

Several months ago I mentioned to my parents that I wanted to get a rug for Avery's room. I had kind of kept an eye out for one I liked but never put any serious effort into shopping.

Lo and behold I received a phone call from my mom today that she had found a rug and purchased it for Avery. Of course there was a stipulation that if we did not like it we could return it.

Well, THANK YOU Grandma because we love it!!!! It is adorable and matches her room perfectly as well as ties into the realization that our daughter will be a princess!

So much cuteness!! Can you stand it???

Also I forgot to mention earlier that my mom has totally bought in to my Little People obsession and found this set on clearance after Christmas:
Now we have the A to Z Learning Zoo. There is a different animal to represent each letter of the alphabet.

Let the Little People Collection continue to grow!!

The bottom line that there is definitely going to be some spoilin' going on and not just by mommy and daddy!!

February 14, 2007

We've come a long way baby!!

Happy Valentines Day to my wonderful husband!! I love you with all my heart.

We have a ton of wonderful memories together. From way back in 1989 at our first prom to now. The years may have changed us but our love continues.

P.S. "You're still the one"

February 12, 2007

This is what happens....

when you buy new living room furniture and the person that wants to take your old stuff picks it up a day early!!

Last weekend Paul and I went out and bought a new living room suit. It is to be delivered on Tuesday. He had a lady at work jump at the opportunity to take our old stuff and she was so excited she could not wait. She was originally going to take it Sunday night but called Saturday afternoon to see if she could go ahead and pick it up. So there we were at home Saturday with NO FURNITURE!! It was kind of humorous to see Paul lying in the floor watching the Pro Bowl and me lying in the floor with the laptop digi scrapping. Rowdy loved the fact that he did not have to jump on anything to get to us!!

Never a dull moment in our house!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

February 7, 2007

A little bitty light at the end of the tunnel??

For the first time in a long time I think I may see a light at the end of the tunnel in our quest for Avery. Don't get me wrong, it is not anytime soon but at least I may have an idea of when we may see her face. Referrals came last week for those logged in from Sept 28 thru Oct 13. Remember we are Dec 20. I don't know why I suddenly have this feeling of peace but hey I won't question it.

Here are my predictions:
March - will refer the rest of Oct
April - will refer the first half of Nov
May - will refer the second half of Nov
June - will refer the first half of Dec
July - will refer the second half of Dec (that would be us!!)

Remember these are strictly my guesses so who knows what will actually happen. This scenario will have us traveling in Septemberish. When we first started this adoption path we thought we would travel in Sept 06. If my predictions ring true we will still travel in Sept just a year late. Is this the timeframe we want? Absolutely not. But reality tells us this is best case scenario. For a long time now I have not even tried to predict when we might get our daughter. I thinks it is because of too many disappointments along the way, but as we inch our way closer we can't help but try to predict.

Do we know what the CCAA will do? No....Do we know when we will actually see her face? No....but with referrals last week something has changed in my outlook and I will take all the Happy Days I can get.

This is probably a bunch of rambling but hopefully it makes sense!!

Have a great week!!

February 4, 2007

A couple of things I wanted to share:

Rowdy stayed with my parents while we were gone on our cruise. Imagine my surprise when I found this note on the counter when we came home!!

Too Cute!! (I think Rowdy had a little help from my dad in composing this note).

This is our formal group portrait that we had made on the ship:

We clean up pretty good, huh?

This weekend has been spent playing catch-up!! Will post again soon!

Thanks for checking in on us!!

February 1, 2007

Our Cruise........

Thursday - Paul picked me up at work at 7am and we headed down to Galveston. We made pretty good time and were there to check in to the ship at 1pm. Of course, the first thing we did after boarding was to hit the buffet. I swear that is the only thing you do on a cruise is eat and sleep (at least me that is). The other family had already checked in and were checking out their staterooms. We all had ocean-view rooms and it was great!! After eating and getting settled in we took a tour of the ship. There is a ton of stuff to do on board, too bad I don't plan on doing anything!!

As we got closer to departing Galveston we had the dreaded "muster drill". In case you don't know, this is an emergency drill each ship is required to perform. Everyone has to put on their life vest and go to their appropriate muster station. In case of an emergency (think Titanic) this is where we would get on a lifeboat. Paul and I dread these things because basically it means a ton of people crowded into one spot in organized chaos that you know will not be so organized should an actual emergency occur.

Paul models his lifevest during the drill.

Since Paul's and my room was on a different part of the ship than Cliff, Sandra, Grammy and Daddy Sonny we were at a different muster station. As soon as the drill was over Paul and I were on our way to put up our life jackets when we ran into Sandra, her first words to us were "They took Daddy Sonny away!" Okay first of all who is "they" and where did they "take" him? Turns out that Daddy Sonny had nearly passed out during the muster drill and was taken to the infirmary on board. The ship medical staff did blood work, EKG's, gave him IV fluids, oxygen and then kept him in the infirmary for observation for a few hours. The final diagnosis was a combination of exhaustion, weakness (from not eating that day), an upper respiratory infection, and probably going down several flights of stairs too fast for the drill. Thankfully by the next morning he was feeling way better and was able to enjoy the rest of the trip.

After we made sure he was okay Cliff, Sandra, Paul and I went to the deck to see our ship head out to sea. The ship had musicians playing, waiters passing out drinks, and a festive atmosphere everywhere. The wind made it a little chilly but it was nice. We checked on Daddy Sonny again and then he insisted we got to dinner and let him rest. We enjoyed our first dinner in the formal dining room and were very adventurous ordering our meals.

Daddy Sonny was released from the infirmary shortly after we finished dinner and we made sure he was safely in his bed and then Paul and I crashed!!! I just love sleeping aboard the ship. The rocking motion really relaxes me.

Friday - Oh boy, this was a day of total rest and relaxation with some gluttony mixed in. My day literally consisted of napping, eating, and leisure reading, I did manage to work in a scrapbook class that they were having onboard.

This was our formal night aboard the ship. All six of us dressed up in our finest duds and met for dinner. We took a group picture that I think turned out AWESOME!!! We even ate fancy food, Paul had roasted duck, Grammy had some type of lime and herb salmon. I had the New York Strip and our assistant waiter was kind enough to bring me some ketchup to go on it. (gotta love my ketchup obsession). I had a souffle with white chocolate sauce for dessert and it was yummy!!

Cliff, Sandra, Grammy, and Daddy Sonny getting ready to enter the formal dining room.

Paul and I enjoying dinner.

After dinner we spent a little time in the ship's casino (didn't win anything) and then went to a Broadway-type show. The title was "Dancing through the Movies" and it was definitely a high energy, entertaining show.

Sandra did not win, even after banging the machine!

Sandra, Grammy, and I in the theatre before the show.

After the show we changed into some more casual duds and checked out the disco. It was 70's night and I could not resist getting out on the floor and doing the "YMCA". I love all the 70's music and Paul and I worked off some of that fancy dinner by shakin' our groove thangs!!!


After our disco workout we were just in time for the Midnight Chocolate Buffet. OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!! More chocolate than I have ever seen in one place. It was such a creative and fancy presentation, but that did not stop us from diggin in!!!! Right after our chocolate indulgence we retired for the evening. Nothing like trying to go to sleep while on a chocolate high!!

One of the displays at the chocolate buffet.

Grammy loved going back to her room every night and seeing which "towel animal" had been left this time.

Grammy poses with her towel lady!!

Saturday - When we awoke this morning we were docked in Cozumel. Paul and I went off the ship on our own and did just a small amount of shopping and walking around. We were able to find Avery a gorgeous embroidered Mexican dress. We soon headed back to the ship and enjoyed spending the afternoon on the ship virtually by ourselves. The entire afternoon Paul and I spent at the "adult" pool. The pool was indoors so the wind was blocked and had cushioned patio chairs. I layed on my lounge chair alternating between reading, napping, and getting up occasionally for a dip in the pool. What a great afternoon!!!! Sandra, Clifford, Grammy, and Daddy Sonny left the ship later that us and when they returned Sandra joined up at the pool and we later met up with everyone else for dinner.

In Cozumel at Senor Frogs!!

Paul chillin' out in the Solarium. This was the location of the adult only pool and hot tub.

We wound up eating dinner at the buffet tonight because we wanted to be able to see our ship leaving Cozumel heading back to Texas. We sat in the causal cafe until the skyline of Cozumel was barely visible. After dinner and a walk on the deck, Paul and I went back to our room and watched a movie on the laptop.

Sunday - we awoke thinking we were well on our way back to Texas but a little announcement by the captain around 9am quickly changed those thoughts. We found out a few hours after leaving Cozumel we had to turn around and go back to let off a critically ill passenger. We never found out any details except that the passenger was in stable condition in a Cozumel hospital. The detour put us 6 hours behind schedule.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day just doing more of the same resting and relaxing we had done the previous 2 days. We did dress up for dinner and went to the formal dining room one last time. Paul decided to be real adventurous tonight and ordered 2 entrees: Top Sirloin and Mahi Mahi. Believe it or not he ate both and still had room for strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Monday - The cruiseline did an awesome job of lining up activities for us today since we had an extra half day on the ship. I went to another scrapbook class and then we all had to vacate our rooms and our little group made our way up to the disco at the top of the ship where we had a great view of our return to Galveston.

We wound up getting off the ship at 2:30, (a little over 5 hrs later than expected). As much as we enjoyed our extra time on the ship I am sure that the people waiting to depart after us were not very impressed with being so late to board and leave Galveston.

We wound up arriving home at 10:45 after several stops and literally came in dropped our bags and went to bed.

All in all it was a great 4 days. I accomplished exactly what I wanted to: nothing but reading, eating, and relaxing, with a little scrapbooking thrown in for good measure.

So that was our cruise!!

Now it is back to reality!!!

We're Back!!!!

We are back from our cruise. I am working on a post to give you all the nitty gritty details of our trip but until then, I have a little teaser for you:

This is how we spent the first night of our cruise:
Daddy Sonny chillin' out at the shipboard infirmary.

Don't worry we all came home safe and sound and everyone had a wonderful time!!