October 26, 2008

A crazy week.......

The past 8 days have been crazy busy for us. It seems like since we returned home from vacation we have been going non-stop. Paul's dad was unexpectedly hospitalized just a few days after we came home so combining work, hospital visits, and various activities have really kept us on the go!! Thankfully he is on the road to recovery and should be going home soon. I decided my blog makeover could wait until after I had posted Avery's latest pictures....

Last weekend Avery enjoyed several "firsts": we attended a local community frontier days to watch Mekenzie dance and Avery sampled her first cheese nachos. We have still not met a food that our girl does not like.
Um...good! I can't decide if more cheese was ON her or IN her!!

After the festival Avery went to the costume birthday party of one of my coworker's daughters. There are 3 of us that work the night shift that have daughters very close in age. We were all pregnant together (even though I didn't have quite the physical characteristics that they had). Avery was a little hesitant at first with all the children around but soon she was right in the mix.

In her bumble bee costume! How cute is she?!?!?

Ava (the birthday girl), Rowan, and Avery. The little girls of the 2nd floor night shift! Getting all 3 of them to look in the same direction at the same time proved an impossible fete.

Avery was the winner of her first ever party game. They played a version of "pass the pumpkin" (think hot potato) with just a little help from their moms. Here she is with her winning pumpkin.

Paul and I have recently been trying out a new church. We love our old one but it is quite a distance from our house and getting ourselves and our daughter their in a timely manner every Sunday morning has not been an easy task. This new one has very similar characteristics and best of all is only 10 minutes from our house. We haven't decided to take the plunge and change our membership yet but I wouldn't be surprised if we did that in the near future. Avery doesn't seem to mind at all going into the nursery which is a major plus.

Last Sunday we dressed her in one of the outfits that we bought while we were in China and she was definitely the prettiest girl there!!

This past week has also found Avery discovery her dolls and doll stroller. We have tried to introduce them to her before but she really didn't show any interest. This week however, that seemed to have changed. One morning as she was playing she just went into her room and picked up the dolls and then proceeded to push the stroller into the living room where it has stayed every since. She has tallied up many laps in our house pushing that stroller around.

Sometimes she needs a break and since she can't figure out how to get herself into the stroller without it rolling away she just turns it on it's side and sits in it however she can!

Giving her baby a little love!!

My mom has been secretly working on a special project for Avery. She brought over the finished product Thursday evening and I have to say they are quite adorable:
Modeling the overalls grandma made!!

Yesterday we took Avery to the pumpkin patch for the first time. Of course we had to dress her in her newest outfit. She was really not in a picture taking mood and was more interested in the props than the actual pumpkins.

Trying to persuade her to smile at one of the photo displays at the pumpkin patch.

Don't you just love the face of the scarecrow?

Not quite sure about her first hayride.

She was way more interested in the wheelbarrows than she was the pumpkins. She was ecstatic when Daddy finally gave in and took her for a wheelbarrow ride.

Exploring around the pumpkins.

Our little country girl, hay stalk in her mouth and all!!!!!

Add in lunch with friends, soccer games, basketball games, and a great party on Saturday night and that's our week in a nutshell. We don't have much on the calendar for this week and we are very excited about that!!!

Thanks for checking in!!!!

Under Construction.......

I know I am way behind on posting and believe me I have a TON of pictures to share!! I hope to get caught up in the next few days. Meanwhile I decided my blog definitely needs a makeover so please excuse the mess or mismatched items while I make some changes!!

October 21, 2008

A tale of 4's.......

My dear friend Erin, who leaves for China in just 2 weeks, tagged me with these 4 questions. I haven't done one of these in a while so here goes:

4 Top Wishes:
1. For my daughter to always feel loved.
2. For my family and friends to be happy and healthy.
3. To grow old along side my wonderful husband.
4. To always remember that I am never alone and never have to carry burdens by myself!

4 Places I would like to travel:
1. China....to take Avery to visit her birthplace!!
2. Hawaii....we've been there before and loved it!! Can't wait to go again!!
3. Europe....I would like to spend several weeks just traveling all over Europe and experiencing new culture.
4. DisneyWorld, Disneyland, Hong Kong Disney, Tokyo Disney, EuroDisney...do you see a trend here???

4 Careers I would like to be involved in:
1. Wedding Planning
2. Travel Planning
3. Legal Nursing
4. Something related to the adoption field

4 Things I would like God to say to me at the Gates of Heaven:
1. You made me proud!
2. Come on in, we've been waiting for you!
3. Robyn's here....let the party begin!
4. It may not have always have been easy but the reward will totally be worth it!

So there you go....who knew it would be so hard to come up with 16 answers.

If you choose to play along please leave me a comment.

Happy Tuesday!!!!!

October 17, 2008

Our spaghetti loving girl.......

Just something to make you smile on a Friday night!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

October 13, 2008

The rest of the trip.......

We arrived home this morning at 5am after the 18 hour drive home!! Needless to say today was spent napping, getting settled back home and going through mail and phone calls. Sorry to have gotten so far behind on the blogging but hopefully as I review our last several days my lack of time for posting will be explained.

So, back to the trip.......

Wednesday was spent at Universal Studios. We slept in a little after our late night at the Halloween party. Once again the crowds were minimal and the weather great. Until that is we all went inside for the Shrek 4D show. When we came back outside it was raining hard, and there sat our stroller (along with everyone else's) in the middle of the downpour. In true Florida weather fashion it rained really hard for about 15 minutes and then was gone and not a cloud left in the sky. We dried everything up best we could and headed on our merry way. Avery was very excited because not only did we see several shows and take her on several rides but we also visited the Kid Zone play area and we saw the Barney and Friends show. Even though she was still not interested in getting pictures with characters she stood in my lap and clapped and danced along with Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop just like she does at home. Now on to the pictures of the day:

Remember the old Dr Seuss books referring to "Thing 1" and "Thing 2"? We found shirts that included a Thing 3 and thought they were perfect for our little family.
Here we are modeling them in front of the Universal Globe.

The first ride we rode was the new Simpsons Ride. This used to be the Back to the Future ride for those of you who have visited this park. We did not particularly enjoy the Back to the Future ride because we thought it was a little jerky and made us feel a little queasy. We decided we had to give the new ride a chance but alas it was the same feeling as the old one just with newer graphics.
Sandra was not very impressed with his ride either. Here she is expressing here feelings!!

Avery entering the Kid's Zone!! Check out the smile on her face.

After our full day at Universal Studios one little girl was totally worn out. We ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and Avery slept through 90% of it.
Our totally pooped Thing 3!!

Riding the moving sidewalk back to our car giving you a better shot of the Thing shirts.

Thursday was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Once again we opened the park but actually left about an hour prior to closing. See I am not a theme park commando after all :)

Our first picture of the day in front of the park center: The Mickey Hat!!

Every morning Avery watches the playhouse Disney shows: Handy Manny, My friends Tigger and Pooh, Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We made it a priority to see this stage show while at Hollywood Studios. Avery was totally in awe of the characters on the stage and danced and clapped right along with them. Paul and I had more fun watching her reactions than anything else.

Getting read to see the Playhouse Disney Live show!!

We also took the Backlot Tour and got up close and personal to the famous Mickey Mouse water tower.
We would love to have one of these in our backyard!

There is a new stunt show that we really enjoyed. We learned how some of the action shots are filmed
One of the scenes from the stunt show.

One of the things that Avery totally does not like is hats or things on her head. We have to kind of sneak her bows in and they are safe only until she discovers them then they are immediately ripped out. Needless to say she was not very impressed when we tried to put a mini tiara on her at one of the stores.
Does this look like the face of a happy Disney princess??

Friday was to be the day that we finally spent the majority of time at the Magic Kingdom riding the rides you always see in commercials. The stuff Disney dreams are made of.....we wound up having a slight change of plans. We did arrive at the park at opening and rode the ferry over to the gates.

Of course we had to get another obligatory shot in front of Cinderella's Castle!!

First stop: the tea cups!! Don't worry we didn't spin Avery around. We were lucky enough to see The Mad Hatter and Alice while we were waiting for our turn to ride. They were even riding in their own teacup while we took our little spin.
You can see the excitement on her face!!

After riding with mommy and daddy she also took a turn riding with Mimi and Poppy

As usual the Dumbo ride had the longest line in Fantasyland. Avery and I waited for a long time to ride those famous elephants, but it is definitely a Walt Disney World must do!!
About half way through the wait she fell asleep and I wound up carrying her until our turn came.

Finally in our elephant!! She loved controlling if we went up or down.

Next it was over to Cinderella's Carousel. She is definitely a carousel loving girl.
Waving to all her fans!!

After riding Winnie the Pooh and Snow White and seeing Mickey's Phillharmonic Show we made our way over to the "It's a Small World" ride.

Don't you love the way they have the same expression while waiting for the ride?

Mommy and Avery on the ride. This doesn't at all look like the face of a sick little girl.

After riding the small world ride we decided to get some lunch. Avery fell asleep in her stroller and appeared to be resting very peacefully. After all the grown-ups had finished lunch she woke up, looked at us, coughed, and started vomiting!! Avery has never done this before!! When I took her out of the stroller she felt like she was burning up. As I was cleaning her up and consoling her she vomited 3 more times all over herself and me right there in the Magic Kingdom!! Welcome to motherhood Robyn!!! One moment you are enjoying your dream of having your child in the happiest place on earth, the next you are sitting there soaked in vomit consoling your sick little girl. We immediately left the park and returned to our condo for some clean up and medicine (you know us nurse's are always prepared). After another nap, some Motrin, and a little crackers and sprite Avery appeared to feel much better. We weren't really sure if she was getting sick or maybe just go too hot so we took it easy for the rest of the day.

Saturday morning we awoke and tried our day at Magic Kingdom again. Since we had hit most of the rides in Fantasyland the previous day we decided to focus on everything else. After one little episode that morning Avery appeared to feel fine the rest of the day. She didn't run anymore temperature and was her normal happy go lucky self.

She did however still have her fear of the characters only now it included the princesses whose face she could see. Oh well, the pictures will be something for her to laugh at in the future!

Riding Aladdin's Magic Carpet

Sandra and I enjoying our Dole Whips. We love these concoctions of pineapple soft serve and pineapple juice!

Checking out the sewing machine in Minnie's house!

Still in Minnie's house but now in her garden room!

On our way out of the park we stopped by City Hall and picked up Avery's official "1st Visit" button.

Showing off her button. She would rather play with it than wear it!

Showing her excitement when asked how she like her first visit to Walt Disney World!!

So that about wraps up our trip! It was a great time and now I have the daunting task of editing the 1200 pictures that I took during our vacation. Aren't you glad I only showed you a small sample?

Thanks for following us and enjoying the trip along with us.

Happy Monday!!!

October 9, 2008

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party....

We finally made it to the Magic Kingdom for the Halloween party. We actually only did a couple of rides because we wanted to focus on all the special activities specific to the party. We saw the special "Boo to You" parade twice!! We watched the fireworks, we saw a Villain show, and we did a little trick or treating! A good time was had by all!!! We went to the party dressed in our coordinating costumes and we were definitely a hit according to all the park workers!

Here we all are in front of Cinderella's castle in our Mouseketeer costumes!!

Several times when were walking down the streets people would yell out "Hi Robyn, Hi Paul, Hi Avery, Hi Sandy, Hi Cliff"!!

Me, Paul, and Avery....aren't we the cutest Mouseketeers ever??

Avery was very amazed by the shows we have seen. Here she is with daddy while watching a show.

The late night party pooped our little girl out!!!

Showing off some of our trick or treat loot!!

Since Tuesday night we have had full days at both Universal Studios and Disney Hollywood Studios. I will post pictures of those days soon. Tomorrow is our final theme park day: we will be spending the entire day at the Magic Kingdom (so Christie you may see those pics you have been waiting to see). Thanks for checking in......Happy Thursday!!!!!

Be still my heart.....

We interrupt the all Florida/all the time posts to bring to you the sweetest story ever. In order for you to fully appreciate the following story I have to give you a little background first:

Although Avery has made huge strides since she came home, she is still developmentally behind in one area: her speech. Her pediatrician mentioned this at her last visit but he was not too concerned because she does babble all the time and he thinks she will catch up very soon. She does babble ALL THE TIME!! She says things like mamamamama, yayayayaya, dadadada but nothing discernible and nothing ever directed at anyone specific.

Anyway back to the story: Last night we were sitting around the condo after a full day at Universal Studios when I gave Avery a big bear hug. While I was hugging her I was saying "My Avery! My Avery!", immediately after I quit talking she looked at me and said:

"My momma! My momma!"

Let me just say we all became a little hysterical with happiness when she said this!!! We must have made a huge scene because for the last 24 hours she has said it tons of times!!!

I love you baby girl and I am so blessed and proud to be your momma!!!